1 Bowl Chocolate Cake

1 Bowl Chocolate Cake

Beth: Hey, everyone, it’s Beth. Welcome
to Walloping Teaspoon! Today, I am super excited to share a delicious
chocolate cake recipe with you that has ridden the Great Depression when people did not have
the money or the resources to get eggs and dairy and things like that. This recipe just
so happens to be vegan. And bonus, you do not need a mixer and you can make it in a
single bowl. You are going to love it. Let us start.
We are going to bake these cakes in two 8-inch round pans and you need to line the pans with
parchment. If you skip this and your cake sticks, it is on you. I am going to give them
a spray. We need a huge bowl to make this recipe.
First, we are going to combine our dry ingredients. I have all-purpose flour and I am going to
add granulated sugar and cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. Stir until you are well-combined.
We are going to put our wet ingredients straight into the dry ingredients. I have water, vegetable
oil, white vinegar and vanilla extract. Just stir it gently until it is well combined.
No mixer needed. It is okay to have a few lumps but if you
keep turning up dry flour, keep mixing until that goes away. Then divide this evenly into
your two pans. You are going to bake these off and you will
not believe the unbelievably delicious chocolate smell that is going to come out of your oven.
I cannot wait to show you what these look like finished. The recipe, by the way, is
down below. My cakes baked and they have cooled and do
not forget to take the parchment off of the bottom of the cake. What do you think?
Speaker 1: It is so fluffy. How does it work? Beth: I have no idea. It just does.
Speaker 1: It just does. Beth: She is vegan. What is a cake without
a little bit of frosting on the top, right? Cliffhanger! Tune in next week. We are going
to make vegan whipped cream to finish off our vegan chocolate cakes and it is going
to be a perfect compliment. If you have not subscribed yet, do that now
so you do not miss it. If you liked this video, do me a favor and share it on Facebook or
Twitter so that your friends can see it. It helps me out so, so much and I really appreciate
it. I will see you next week to finish off this
lovely thing. Thanks for watching. Bye!

14 thoughts on “1 Bowl Chocolate Cake

  1. Nooooo! I can't wait! I have to know NOW!! Lol, what a great recipe, perfect for when you're out of the essentials!

  2. Even though we can all agree that vegans are mostly weirdos, I think I'd eat this cake prepared by one of them!

  3. Can't wait to see the whipped cream alternative. I've shared this on twitter and facebook Beth. People might be surprised to see how many vegan recipes there were during wartime/food shortages. Do some more please. πŸ™‚

  4. Love this recipe… have been making this for years and years….recipe came thru my Mom.. and it was called by her Poor Man's Cake. It is funny but I did not make the connection to vegan… but it is!!!

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