😝 INSANE 24-Hour Pancake House in Hilo (Hawaii Travel Guide)

😝 INSANE 24-Hour Pancake House in Hilo (Hawaii Travel Guide)

What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Hilo We’ve got one last day here and we’re going to make it count By showing you guys Ken’s House of Pancakes A local instution Before we go any further I want to make sure that you’re subscribed and have notifications turned on So you don’t miss out on any of our adventures coming up Alright so when we first came to Hilo Literally driving from the airport We passed this place And I was shocked A 24 hour diner in Hilo, Hawaii I grew up in New Jersey I didn’t think it was possible I’ve visited this place already It’s amazing And you’re going to find out why This girl has not eaten all morning Right No. And you haven’t had coffee either? No I want pancakes Now Now? Now This is one of the biggest menu’s i’ve ever seen I’m not talking about in size I’m talking about in actual offerings of food Ridiculous This is what i’ve been waiting for Macadamia nut pancakes The waitresses here are super super friendly And they wear these really cool Hawaiian style outfits Sign of a good restaurant You get a pitcher of coffee Just sitting here for you So you don’t even have to ask for refills This is very IHOP of them Right they do that at IHOP Yes. They do that I remember The coffee tastes like diner coffee And anybody from New Jersey knows exactly what i’m talking about Coconut, Passion Fruit and Guava And it’s all natural? Uh huh They make their own syrup here All natural My mouth is watering right now Look at those macadmia nuts right there What Look at those macadamia nuts, look I’m going to make sure to get my 2nd bite The passion fruit with Syrup Pancake A little bit of the macadamia nuts Solid pancake, solid comfort food What else can I say It hits the spot when you need it Adriana does not like syrup on her pancakes Just some butter I just like a lot of butter On my pancakes That’s it Butter, butter, butter The shake means it’s good The extra shake There’s a rule with Adriana and I Whenever we go somewhere 20 minutes later Huge line to get in I think it’s me But maybe it was her Show me how you do it? Like everybody does? Like the normal person? You killed the pancake You can tell a lot about somebody by they eat pancakes you know I’m a complete and utter mess Adriana thinks the only reason I finished the pancakes was For you guys But I did it And let me tell you 3 pancakes here Is like 5 or 6 pancakes in most other places They are mutant sized In a good way of course Adriana say something, anything Me I need a nap You need a nap? After those carbs I need a nap Okay, go nap Go nap in the car I’m going to say It’s delicious But if you come here And you don’t have a big stomach Don’t ask for the one that I asked for For pancakes 2 eggs To much food I found out something very cool about this place It turns out that the general managers nephew Is the Rock And a lot of wrestlers come into this place And again judging by the size of the portions Of the food here It’s not surprise I could barely manage to finish those 3 pancakes I hope wherever you travel in the world You can find a place like Ken’s Adriana and I the other night were eating At a fancy restaurant in Hilo And in the back of my mind I was thinking I’d much rather be at Kens right now So guys happy traveling This is unfortunately the last video i’m going to be shooting on location In Hawaii I’ve got 1 or 2 more coming out about some tips Hope you enjoyed this experience Subscribe if you’re new here Thank you so much for watching Mahalo. You just kind of start in the middle And just work your way around

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    Hawaii Playlist: http://bit.ly/2sBXa6C

  2. I appreciate the time effort and commitment you put into each of your videos. like i said and can't wait to see more awesome content in front of you. Please Subscribe back if you want. Just came from video creators

  3. We went to Ken's for my birthday years ago. The staff sang happy birthday to me and gave me a huge stack of pancakes! So awesome! I miss it. Ate there a lot when I lived in Hilo.

  4. Hello. Thank you so much for sharing your Hawaiian vacation with us. Your experiences were truly inspiring and educational. You motivate us all to experience the beauty of the world and its cultures. Thank you soΒ much for that. And thanks always for sharing. Alfonso

  5. I've said that for years, You can a lot about people by the way they eat a pancake. πŸ˜€ Last Hawaii videoπŸ˜•

  6. Those are pancakes reminds me of LA i could not finish the second pancake had to take the last one in a doggy bag

  7. Cool that wrestlers come there to eat. I've only been to the states one time but the portion sizes is too big he he

  8. I love macadamia nuts! But I think I'd have to make do with two. πŸ˜‚ Looked delicious! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Great job!

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  10. My girl and I, looked at your girl and said, she's cute and we will go there on our next trip. The food looked good, until we saw your plate. YUCK! LOL. Still, looks like you had a great trip πŸ™‚

  11. Those pancakes looked delish, I like the unique syrups . 3 pancakes for 3 syrups πŸ˜€ cool fact about the ROCK πŸ’ͺ🏽 😍

  12. Thank you !!! I`m going to the big island soon and that`s the first place I`ll go soon I get off from the plane !!!!

  13. Remember the bigger the menu the more frozen ingredients they have to use. No restaurant can have a giant menu of fresh ingredients. Hawaii can be healthy or it can be beyond unhealthy like lunch plates and tons of processed food and sugar.

  14. So glad to find your review. I’m psyched you went above and beyond to find out the wrestling connection

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