🔵 Tastiest Chocolate Dump Cake Ever

welcome friends today we are making one
of the most maligned cakes ever the dump cake a lot of dump cake recipes a lot of
people look at a dump cake and say oh it’s those are horrible I would never
make a dump cake for the most part I would agree
but you know what you can actually make an incredible cake using the dump cake
method and I I have to admit I don’t really like the name dump cake but it’s
it’s apropos because really you’re just taking all of this stuff and you’re
dumping it into a pot and you’re mixing it together
you’re not creaming anything is super easy method especially if you aren’t
comfortable with a lot of tasks in the kitchen this is one of the simplest ways
to get an amazing tasting cake so into this pot I put water sugar chocolate and
butter and we just want to bring that up to temperature and stir it all together
so that everything is melted and mixed together you don’t want to bring it to
the boiling point but you’re probably going to get pretty close to boiling by
the time everything’s melted and mixed together so we’re just gonna let this go
and while it melts we’re going to deal with the dry ingredients and so the dry
ingredients pretty standard stuff I’ve got some flour
I’ve got baking soda baking powder and some salt and we’re just going to stir
that all together into the flour so that it’s nicely mixed together done simple
I’ve got a mixing Cup and I need 1 cup of buttermilk and 2 the buttermilk I’m
going to add vanilla and two eggs and I’m also going to put in some
instant coffee Julie and I must be the only people on the planet that don’t
drink coffee and so I really like the flavor of it
though I use it in cooking I use it in baking all the time I wouldn’t drink a
cup of coffee if you paid me and so I recently went to buy that at
the grocery store and I was amazed there’s really only one or two brands
left I mean there’s a whole row of coffee beans and coffee pods and you
know the the there’s like two kinds of instant coffees so it’s really fallen
from favor I guess nobody drinks it anymore so I’m just gonna whisk this
together get the eggs broken down into the buttermilk and the coffee will
dissolve really quickly now it smells really coffee like right now the coffee
really is here just to bring out the chocolate flavor bring that chocolate
flavor to the top make it more chocolaty there might be a hint of coffee in the
background and you’re gonna go hmmm I wonder what that is but you’re not
really gonna taste it that’s the hope so let’s check on the chocolate not quite
there yet almost now I do have another optional secret ingredient to pump up
that chocolate flavor let me get it and that’s this chocolate look here now
if you don’t want to put the chocolate liquor in or you don’t want to buy a
bottle of chocolate liqueur in order to make it that’s fine you can leave it out
I just find that it really helps intensify that chocolate flavor and for
those of you who object or can’t use it on the basis that it has alcohol that’s
fine you can leave it out but I would say that there’s less alcohol in this
then in the vanilla that I put in here so from an alcohol standpoint it’s about
the same as the vanilla and also instead of using the instant coffee if you had a
coffee liqueur I would leave the vanilla out and put the coffee liqueur in here
instead of the instant coffee so many different ways to sort of change the
flavor a little bit and make it the way you want to make it and make it with the
ingredients that you have in your house so this is almost done okay so we take
this off the heat and you want to let that cool down almost to room
temperature before we move on to the next step and this is a great place to
turn on and pre-heat your oven and get your cake pans ready okay that’s cool
enough so first in is the milk mixture and you can just stir that in with the
same spatula that you’ve been using won’t take much to mix it in and next in
is the flour mixture and you want to do about a half at a time and I’m gonna
switch to a whisk I think it’s going to be easier this is the point where if
you’re gonna use the coffee liqueur mix it in now and the rest of the flour I’ve
prepped the cake pans by greasing them and then coating them in a little bit of
flour and then I made a parchment just to put in the bottom of each that’ll
make sure that the cakes don’t stick and they come out really easily
now comes the messy bit you need to pour evenly between the two cake pans and you
know eyeball it do the best you can if it’s
not exact I don’t think anyone’s going to turn you into the cake police there
we go now I’ll just stick these in the oven and they’ll bake for 3035 minutes
maybe 40 minutes depending on your oven and then you just pull them out and let
them cool completely before we move on to the next thing which is the icing
okay the cakes are cooling it’s time to make the icing or frosting depending on
where you live everybody seems to call it something different so in this bowl I
have chocolate that I’ve melted the same dark kind of bitterish chocolate that I
used in the cake and I’ve just melted this in the microwave because that is my
current preferred method of melting chocolate if you want to do it over a
pot of steaming water go right ahead completely up to you so it’s melted but
it’s come back to almost room temperature at this point just almost to
the point where it’s starting to thicken up again which is important so in this
bowl I have sour cream full fat real sour cream and I’m going to mix the two
together and the sour cream has come pretty much to room temperature as well
you don’t want it straight out of the fridge and we’re going to mix those two
together and while we’re mixing I’m gonna put in a pinch of salt and a
little bit of vanilla maybe a little bit more than a little bit of vanilla and we
just mix that together okay so let’s give it a taste yeah to me it’s just a little bit too
bitter a little bit too bitter so I’m going to put in some icing sugar you
might call powdered sugar where you live leave a comment down below let me know
where you live and what you call it I was going to mix it in and I’m gonna
keep tasting it until I reach both a consistency that I’d like to spread on
the cake and sort of a sweetness level that is pleasing to me and that might be
a different amount of sugar for you and it also depends on the chocolate that
you used if you were using a semi-sweet chocolate you might not need to add any
sugar yeah it might be fine just the way it was okay
get another spoon give it another taste let’s see what this is closer a little
bit more I think we’re good so if this is your
first time coming to the channel welcome thanks for stopping by
what you’re about to witness might not be pretty
it’s a well-known fact that I am not much of a cake icing expert and I
encourage people just to get the icing on if what you do is get the icing on
the cake you’re off to the races it doesn’t have to be pretty just has to be
on there that’s my mantra so let’s see how it goes I see you found the kid
I mostly found the cake I know exactly what does show up uh doesn’t matter how
many I iced really doesn’t get any better that’s okay so maybe that’s not
your skill but it’s still I mean it’s an eye sight it looks nice but it did I did
pull it out of the fridge though yes so the icing if you live south of Winnipeg
I don’t think this is the icing to use cuz even I mean it’s midwinter here even
though it’s kind of warm in the studio mm-hmm it’s pretty droopy icing so if
you lived you know in the American South if you’re outside of the air
conditioning forget it that being said if you have experience
with this and you know how to make it yeah better or stiffer
yeah that would work you know warm summer day anyway
I kind of think that the sour cream defeats the ability to make this too
stiff or stiff enough those are interesting tart taste in there Wow um
no no I don’t want to say but I don’t think I’m right so just buttermilk in it
okay um what else what do you think well it’s funny because it almost has like a
cherry flavor to it no I know but it’s that tart that’s why I didn’t want to
say it yeah it’s that tart probably from the buttermilk combined with the
chocolate and you kind of think chocolate and cherries they go together
right so um amazingly moist yeah but I really like that really rich flavor it’s a dump cake really it’s a dump cake
hey I hate that label to sound like it’s crappy it makes it does but that is not
a crappy cake I would put that cake on the table for her majesty really yes
if this icing or would you get someone else dice oh no no I think I think
Elizabeth would be fine with you I have to imagine she’s like my grandmother
should give you a little pat on the back nice job nice job Glen we like it when
you try it so but that’s I mean yeah that works
it’s great so um there’s coffee in it um I’m glad you didn’t say coffee because I
know that Julie doesn’t notice the coffee every design just come not a
coffee flavor so the comedies well-hidden the coffee
is lifting the chocolate and also I put in chocolate liqueur which also again
lifts that chocolate flavor and just makes it more chocolate than chocolate
you’re saying the original cake didn’t have chocolate liqueur in it no it
didn’t have coffee and it didn’t have buttermilk and it didn’t have so you’ve
really stepped it up a bit but you still went for the whole toss it stir it yeah
you put it in the pan you toss it in a pot heat up everything melt it together
and then toss it in the pan and bake it so it is these from a technical
standpoint it is one of the easiest cakes that you can make I mean it’s it’s
less hard than box cake because he didn’t have to go to the grocery store
and buy the box or get rid of the box or get rid of the box I mean like I said
I’d serve that cake to anyone that’s a really good cake the icing I like the
taste of the icing but I think I choose a different icing if I was going to take
it to somebody’s house because it won’t stand up because it won’t your tongue is
that in the next 10 minutes it’s gonna start to he’ll start to slouch yeah I
mean what you may not notice because I’m not smoke I think if you brought it
knowing we have no one I would be like oh looks like oh he says he’s got a
Cooking Channel but you know his cakes look pretty bad
anyway this is a great cake tastes good thumbs up give it a try thanks for
stopping by see you consume enjoy your day you

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