🐨 How to make koala cupcakes || kawaii cake decorating

[music] WHOA.M.G. I’m Rox of RoxStarBakes and it is
Saturday. Do you know what that means? Today we are tackling kawaii koala
cupcakes. Try saying that five times fast. Let’s get into it. Woo! [intro animation + tune] I’ll include the tool card at the end of
the video. Here is the texture I’m looking for with the candy melts. When
you dip this spoon the drip comes to a v-shape. You can either melt the wafers
in a candy melter, like I do, or in a microwave in 15 second increments,
stirring in between. Get the melts into a piping bag. Place the template under a
piece of parchment paper. When I start piping I try to keep the piping bag at a
90 degree angle so perpendicular to the surface. For the nose, I try to make it a
little bulbous. I share the Koala template I use here later in the video
as a bonus. Here’s a tip, when you’re not using the melts you can keep it upside
down in a pint glass so it doesn’t spill out of the tip. If you have a second, please like and hit
that subscribe button so I can keep sharing a new video every Saturday. I use
a toothpick to soften any points on the nose. If you’re pressed for time you can
make all of the candy and melt pieces the day before. For the leaves, I grab a new piece of
parchment paper, then I pipe a little dot and then I use a toothpick to drag and
create a tip. This takes about 15 minutes to dry. So here’s another tip when you’re done
with the melts and they get cold wrap them up and saran wrap or place what’s
remaining in the piping bag in a ziploc bag. You can save these for later and you
can always reheat them later too. Next are the ears! I have my pink melt submerged in warm
water so they can go a little longer without reheating. You could also lay these on a cooling
rack and pour the melts over them. I personally like to drop the Nilla
wafers in one at a time into the melted candy. I use a fork to remove the wafer
and remove the excess. The reason I like to drop them in one at a time is that I
can shake off the excess. Don’t worry about the fork marks. I place those edges
into the cupcakes so the buttercream is covering it. You’ll see! When I think
about this process you can probably use other cookies like Thin Mints would work
great. I let these dry. Takes about 20 minutes here in the Pacific Northwest. Then to complete the ears I pipe the
“hair” on the ears. I do this by piping purple melts on the
edge half of the ear. And then I take a toothpick to pull the edges to create a
fringe or fray And let this dry. Here is the mini size
for context. There are two sizes that I know of with Nilla wafers a mini
and a regular. For this next step, I use an ice cream
scooper to distribute the buttercream evenly.
I thought the lavender color would be just the right touch for making this
more kawaii. Then I use an angled spatula to remove some of the top buttercream
and create a flat surface to work off of I use my fruity pebble cupcakes. If you’d like the cereal milk cupcakes
or my Swiss meringue buttercream recipe I’ve linked these in the description
below. The cupcakes are moist, flavorful, and just a little crispy on the outside. I take the dry ears and place them between the buttercream and the cupcakes. You can use fondant for making the ears
but I found that not everyone really enjoys how hard it gets because they dry
so quickly. This is all edible except for except for the wrapper. The edges lift a little so I remove the
excess with an angled spatula. When I’m done with a step, I place the
cupcake in the fridge for 10 to 15 minutes to let the ears settle in. Then I
place the nose and eyes and sparingly add the leaves for cuteness factor. I use a food only pair of tweezers for
this project. Serve these cupcakes right away or place in the fridge for up to
two days. And make sure to leave out for at least an hour before serving to get
to room temperature. How cute?! Decorating success!! As promised, here is the tool card. Save the screenshot for reference. And here is the Koala template. Thank you so much for
watching. I hope you the stellar week, and I will see you here next Saturday. Bye!

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