100 thoughts on “सेमोलिना पैनकेक (Semolina Pancakes) by Tarla Dalal

  1. I also made des pancakes day b4 yesterday..n every1 in my family liked it ..it is easy to make ,simple n quick..thank u tarla ji…

  2. My kids love to see your recipes because you speak so sweetly and teach your recipes like you are right in front of us.
    Love your easy recipes,Please keep posting

  3. tarla Aunty I don't have pan like yours, can I use the same batter to make paniyaram balls as i have the paniyaram pan?

  4. Curds have to be used…you will not get the taste of curds once they are made…they are really very good

  5. Made it today and that too without oil….everyone loved it including my 13 month old daughter too. Thnx it was really
    gud n easy to make… 🙂

  6. You're very sweet & cute. I really like the way you explained. Food cooked with luv will always taste good. Thanks

  7. Tarla Aunty u r awesome. I am Non vegetrian but I like to serve vegetarian food to my family and kids and they finish it off without any fuss I am really very thankful to you and I have learned a lot from your receipe books and videos. Keep uploading more videos. Thank you so much mam love you.

  8. Thank you for your kind words. Please try out more recipe videos and let us know how they worked out. We have introduced an App for Apple devices. Please try and download it and give us your feedback.

  9. It’s wonderful people like you who inspire me. Please keep trying all my recipes on You Tube and give us your valuable feedback. God bless.

  10. When people asked about the pan or tawa,u give them exact brand name and when I asked about cooker u donot specify brand name and its capacity.it seems u intentionally donot want to share certain information.in my opinion ur viewers r asking u b'coz they expect u to answer when u donot answer,u let them down and losing ur one viewer.

  11. Cookers are available in all brands and sizes …tava this mini one is available with Nirali so that's why have specified it..

  12. your recipes are awesome.i like them very much and trying to make one by one.thank you so much for showing wonderful recipes.

  13. Ah, thank you so much dear for your good words. I am glad this recipe worked for you. And, feel free to ask me if you have any questions —  suppose an ingredient is not available in your locality and you want to know how to do without it, or you have a doubt in some cooking methods, or whatever cooking-related questions you have. You could also share suggestions on what kind of recipes you would like to see more of, so that I can work on those.

  14. hello Tarla anty, i am big fan of you i like your recipe a lot .. this recipe i tried in hostel and dis recipe become very famous ,.. bt when i tried 3rd tym i was nt able to make it at that tym suji was leave water ,,, please suggest

  15. She was…naaaa..she is simply gr8..yes she will be always alive in our memories with her experienced cooking, tasty recipes and valuable tips…We all Love You Mam…

  16. mam agar main semolina and dahi mixture k sath hi vegetable mix kr diya ho or phir leave it 1/2 n hour then added fruit salt to koi problem to nhi hogi

  17. I liked this recipe very much so I went to buy a mini uttapam pan. your simple recipes are very tasty. when I watch you cooking it feels like my mother is teaching me how to cook. thank you.

  18. love you aap ko milenka man karata hai kay karu mata rani aapko sakti de tumala bhgun mi khush hote fresh hote aani tumachi recipe try aani enjoy karte maza friend tumacha vidiyo bhgalya sagte Kahi pan mi dish Keli ki mule suna Natu aai Tarla Dalal zali ka love you tumache nav garat roj bolale jate jade Jay shi krisna

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